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I was recently onsite helping a Magento client do some things on her store. During the course of our conversation, she asked about exporting her sales records. She was stuck because the sales report was empty. The reason for this was because her sales statistics needed refreshing.

Magento Sales Report ScreenWhen you go to the sales reports at the top is a warning that you should refresh the last day’s statistics. Doing this is ok if you’ve kept on top of this particular task. If you’ve never updated your statistics before, then this won’t work – your sales stats will be empty or incomplete.

If this is the situation you find yourself in, then you should refresh the life time statistics. This can be done by going to the Refresh Statistics tab under Reports menu item.

Magento Reports menuThis will load the Statistics tab. Select the Orders row, select the ‘Refresh Lifetime Statistics’ option and then submit. A dialog box will warn you that your site could become unresponsive – this is a danger if you’ve never refreshed these statistics before. For this reason, I suggest you only ever do one row at a time.

Magento Refresh Stats UIOnce you have completed this task, go back to the Sales Report and run the orders report again. This time the stats should be reporting correctly.


If your sales reports are out of date (have not been refreshed) then this points to a problem with ¬†your Magento cron job. A cron job is a scheduled task that runs at a determined interval. Refreshing the sales and other reports is one of the things the Magento cron job does. Setting up the cron job is really important and is a topic I’ll address in the future.

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