Magento Manage CMS Pages Issue

Today I came across a Magento issue I’ve not seen elsewhere – when I clicked on the Mange CMS Page within the admin UI (version, I was bounced back to the dashboard rather than the CMS page grid.

After fruitlessly searching the forums I had an idea. Earlier I had attempted to delete a store & shop view. ¬†When you delete a store, you can take a database backup at the same time. For some reason this produced an error (timeout?), so I’d gone into PhpMyAdmin and manually deleted the store_id in the tables ‘cms_store’ & ‘cms_store_group’.

Here was the origin of my CMS page problem – there were references to the deleted store in the following tables, ‘cms_page_store’ & ‘cms_block_store’. Once I’d cleaned these tables up by removing the orphaned store_ids, all was good.

So, there’s a potential little gotcha to look out for.

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