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Recently I had an issue with Magento emails. While searching for a solution I came across loads of people wanting to know why new order confirmation emails were not being sent to customers or to the shop owner.

Some of the confusion around this issue is a misunderstanding about the order workflow. From 1.4.0, Magento only sends an order email once payment has been received from the payment gateway such as Paypal.

A second cause of confusion is that you have to configure Magento to actually send out emails. By default, email notifications are turned off. To turn emails on you need to do the following:

1) Log into the Admin UI, and select Configuration/Advanced/System.

magento configuration
Magento Advanced/System tab

2) In this tab you’ll find ‘Mail Sending Settings’. Make sure that the ‘Disable Email Communications’ drop down is set to ‘No’.

Magento Disable Email Communication
Magento Disable Email Communication

So, before you start to hack at core files to make new order confirmation emails work in Magento, make sure that you are aware of the order workflow & the need to enable emails within Magento.

4 thoughts on “Magento New Order Emails

  1. My problem is the opposite; magento send new order email to client even if order is placed but payment is cancelled via paypal.

    In the admin panel the order is cancelled so it is OK but, magento shouldnt send sales email at all if payment is not confirmed with paypal, or am I wrong?


  2. Hi,
    struggling to solve this problem since few weeks,

    everything was fine, and suddenly there are some order confirmation email are not sending to customer either admin, everyday around 60-70% order confirmation email are not sending, did contact with hosted server and from their side, email server is fine.
    would you please give any idea

  3. any one can help me out..there are some order confirmation email are not sending to customer and admin, depends number of order the number of confirmation emails are not sending, any idea please?

  4. Hi,
    At this distance I’m not sure what has happened. As a 1st step, review what changes, if any, you made to the store or server around that time. Also look to see if there have been any changes to whatever payment gateway that you use – have you altered the invoice statuses that might trigger the email?
    Sorry I can’t be of greater assistance.

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