Magento 1.9.2 Caching Issue

Users of Magento Community Edition have been inundated with security updates recently, after serious vulnerabilities were discovered in the core code. Updating to very latest Magento release ( promises to plug all these security holes.

While updating from 1.9.1 to 1.9.2 I experienced a few little “gotchas” that other users might benefit from knowing about.

  1. Updating using Connect Manager
    1. You may find that you’re presented with a server error after the update has completed.
      1. Ftp to your server and reset permission on index.php & downloader/index.php to 644. Remove maintenance.flag from root if it exists.
    2. If when visiting the front end you encounter an sql error along the lines of ‘unknown column ‘e.status’ in ‘where clause’, …’
      1. Reindex all the indexes. Kudos
  2. Static blocks appear inconsistently
    1. Disable ‘Blocks HTML output’ caching in Cache Management. Kudos.
    2. It seems this is a known bug and should be fixed in a subsequent release.

It should go without saying, that you must backup before attempting any update.

Hopefully these tips will be useful if you’re planning to upgrade to Magento CE using the Magento Connect Manager.