Website Consultancy

How To Find The Best Web Designer

Need a new website but don’t know how to find the best design agency?

This is a common dilemma faced by many companies who do not have any in-house IT or design know-how. I know this because I’m often contacted by companies who have a website that just doesn’t work for them. After going through their requirements, understanding their business and expectations, I’m often left wondering how they managed to end up with website that is so clearly wrong for them.

You paid how much?

Since 1999 I’ve come across some real horror stories – examples of web design agencies charging extortionate amounts for websites that failed to meet client requirements or expectations, or even worked properly. I’ve seen a £20,000 WordPress site that used an off the shelf template and blocked Google’s index! A £60,000 Magento site that had a checkout bug that stopped people checking out! I’m afraid this list is almost endless!

So, how do you stop from getting burned?

What people often need is some impartial advice before and during the agency selection process. You need help from someone who knows the industry and can separate the wheat from the chaff. I’ll be able to help scope the correct solution and help with your content marketing strategy. I’ll make sure you get the right platform to enable your company’s website to grow, and grow with, your company

Website Consultancy

So, here is my solution to the problem outlined above. Before you embark on the website selection process, engage me and I will do the following:

  1. Review you business requirements – are you asking the right questions, looking for the correct solutions? Is your budget realistic?
  2. Validate your website requirements – will it meet your needs and expectations?
  3. We will write a web design brief that you can send out to tender. Clarity is key here – leave no wriggle room for agencies to subsequently exploit.
  4. Review the list of web design agencies you will invite to tender. Are they the right mix of talent and experience for your budget?
  5. Advise you in the agency selection process – validate their responses, rank them, sit in on any interviews.
  6. Review and validate the selection process prior to choosing the agency.
  7. Optionally I can help with the management of the project. I’ll help with time scales but also ensure that the project meets your initial requirement.

Contact me today

Call me on 0116 279 3822 for a chat about your requirement. My price is bespoke for each project and will save you money and opportunity costs.